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a available. >> new homeless challenges in southern california apart passing ordinances from smoking into the park to leaning bikes against trees. they say that it is an unprecedented increase of homelessness. they are intended to push them out by criminalizing their daily activities. >> this man is in the hospital after getting in a fight in the north beach neighborhood. officers responded to the 400 block of broadway just after 2:00 a.m. that is where officers found one man that was hit his head to the pavement. he was taken to hospital but were potentially life- threatening. the suspect was described as male in his 20s. he fled the scene. no arrests have been reported. we will let you know if we will find out more. also, the decomposing body was found in a car in oakland. this was found around 5:00 p.m. it was in this oakland neighborhood. wrapped in a cloth. it appeared to be in the car for quite some time. the identity is still not known or the cause. >> vandals struck in oakland last night. many people attacked buildings after an anti-war protest. they believe anti arcus anti-
.67. $4.20 last week the governor realizes what's going on he is asking the california air resources board to tell the refineries to start producing the winter blamed if that happens that will bring more supply more gas and to the supply area that means more gas will be available and hopefully that will drive down prices. if not we're looking at approximately $5 a gallon in the next week or so. and that's-that she will probably go up a little bit more than that. how long that's going to stay we are not exactly sure. this will also translates to more at the stores because now it will cost the stores much more to ship the products that we buy bread food everything else. a lot of people are already making jokes maybe it's time for them to bust out their bikes backed you dari. oh yes and of course is not biking weather. thanks a lot leal. >> that's turn our attention to politics when decision 2012. president obama was in southern california and today he is here. in the bay area he will be a arriving this afternoon on the second day of his california visit. he is a live look at the auditorium w
up to. expecting a mild day of brown cooler tem6 c1 pushed toward southern california. pretty much out of our area as we zoom out of it you could see mostly in the inland areas and to the south the bus. we are expecting a cloudy day is also clouding started to see widespread now. into the late morning hours by about 10 atm will be dealing with the cloud cover. some breaks of sunshine in the raphael 67 santa rosa and napa. take a look at your 7 day around the bay is showing us that we do have it locked up in store a woman and kicking in this weekend to into your next work week. what the bay below seventies are expected for the cause. the time right now is for 07 a.m.. no hot spots to report out there gate bridge nobody on the stand this morning is an easy ride as you make your way through marine county and down to san francisco to take a quick break it is for 07 a.m. when headlines coming up in a minute and a check of the markets. >> we're back talking about the market spiked it was about jobs and did not help the market. the dow finished 19 points lower. the fence in p fischer a fr
occurred in california. the shots were used to treat pain in your back, shoulders, and niece. in a pharmacy in massachusetts. federal health officials say many of the cases have some mild and some people have had strokes. >> now the latest on the murder of a ret retired bay area teacher. the victim husband called a neighbor when--and never found her on the floor of her home on resp weekendo memory. at least 200 people showed up to this of. some of them are friends with susie akoe. her friends could not leave something like that had happened to their friend susie. >> she was a beautiful beautiful lady. so nice and everything. . >> out here you concede the candles that have been lit and the flowers that have been set up a number of family members out here. happy with the showing of people. around 200 people have made their way out of to remember the victims. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> more on the investigation of the murder of susie koe. >> early monday morning a team of fbi crime investigators have set up in front of thekoe family home. authorities said that they are hoping these agents with
california. we have seen spotty showers and some lightning. let's take a there is up for four days for the upper bay and i will show you where these numbers are expected to go and afternoon. >> keeping an eye on the bay bridge as we will see most of the trafficking in is picking up. there is an accident and is a motorcycle that is blocking the second line to the left. this can all seoul have injuries. >> what can you tell us will? >> the firefighter received a cut hand from broken glass. he should recover but what is happening is that they took a break for a while and that forced to step back because the hot spots are a concern. they used so much water that it looks like a lagoon. you can see that this is covered with water and it started about 1:00 a.m. this morning. it took them more than 90 minutes about a hour and have to consider that the fire was under control. the firefighters believe that by then getting an early headstart there was still smoke coming from that attic and they did not think that it was to bed. once they realiz too bad. we talked about one fire fighter that w
meningitis. the latest in new hampshire but california has not reported any illness. however they did reportedly receive some of the tainted patchebatches. nw research showing that shots against cervical cancer cannot make pearls promiscuous. this study making -- girls promiscuous. not making them promiscuous. they were asked about having them sex but instead of looking at a sexual activity after vaccination. this based on the numbers of transmission of a h-p v and also, three ppretrial hearings. these are in guantanamo bay are closed to the public but military family members are able to watch it on closed circuit television. this will also be shown in paris in new jersey and maryland. it is expected to start today and and to tcontinue to the end of the week. turning-two decision 2010. president obama and mitt romney will turn out and be york city on a city town vhall and candy crowell will moderate. she is the first woman to moderate in over two decades. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uni
california school gets new funding. prop thirty-eight restores what we've lost... teachers, small classes, art music and science labs. prop thirty-eight guarantees that money will go to my school and your school. then every child in california can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. what does thirty-eight mean to me? the sky's my limit. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. a lot people have been out hunting force a special rock. a rock from a meteor that went across the bay area this weekend. lot of people are looking with the space walks with a broken up meteor. scientists believe the media may have ended up in the east bay. >> of a thing happen is a small piece of the asteroid was despised the rocket metal hit the upper atmosphere and broke up into tons of glittering fragments. it crashed somewhere north of here probably into th
is suing samsung and no samsung is suing a couple. here in california, after the telephon iphone 5----this was filed in california. that the iphone infringers on eight of the samsung patents. saying that " we're always preferred to compete in the marketplace with innovative products instead of competing in the court room. however, the company went on to say that it had little choice but to take these steps necessary to protect innovations. the san francisco based music subscription service will now pay musicians for every person they convince through social media to sign up. starting today you'll be able to pay ms. editions of $10 in an attempt to attract users to this site. with any artist that has created an account such as snoop doog the genius grant. one recipient say that this is a validation called " family initiative. this was started in oakland, 21, awarding self-sufficiency. with neighborhoods bringing groups of friends to gather and asking for them to find jobs, save money and help other children cured also, a los angeles photographer is also another recipient and a microbiologis
to hurricane sandy. the california national guard left yesterday's heading for n.c.. a scotchman of big c-17 cargo planes carrying helicopters are being sent also. those helicopters will be able to rescue stranded people from rooftops. they will be sent there to help with that effort. tents, medical supplies, and other deer followed. an elite group trained to deal with emergency like this was sent. >> i am highly trained personnel and the air force. they have to be qualified in t cnc foggy conditions as to start the morning. we do have a dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service. certainly keep that in mind as to get hot on the freeway. we will see sunshine into the afternoon. your temperature's very similar to what we saw yesterday's. tomorrow we have major changes talk about. a critical the cloudy afternoon. rain begins later that evening. overnight will see heavy showers waking up thursday morning looking ahead dry weather by the weekend, plenty of sunshine to go around. if temperatures will start to climb back by monday it could actually be in the low '80s. again we have
of the california utilities public commission to demand a reopening of the hearing of the deadly pipeline explosion which happened in 2010. the explosion killed eight people injured many others in damage or destroy their number homes see how intense the flames were in this video. cherry hill will be at today's meeting tickets under way at 9:00 a.m. this morning. the south bay thasos some weird weather yesterday take a look. hail came down quite a bit is covering the entire ground. in los gatos and south had no say also reported seeing hail as well as in gilroy. it all came down around 4:00 yesterday. >> isn't it funny how we have such different weather in the bay area. i mean there was talk about it was a little chilly or nice i had rain you had nothing. >> a severe thunderstorm over around 4:00 p.m. yesterday they did see henry through out the majority of the bay. '70s for the delta. parts of the north bay as well and that we pushed the clock into the evening hours check out 8:00 p.m. a chilly evening. all that blood flowing into the screen. keeping jack handy and ice water for the afternoon. sixt
. saturday, sunday we could see 80s with even this high- pressure taking control over northern california. right now, a chilly start with clear skies. 48 degrees currently in half moon bay. 56 in palo alto. you can see a clear conditions with clouds along the coast. the futurecast showing that by 3:00 p.m. check out the yellow indicating where we will see the 70's. upper 60s along the coast. as we go forward later tonight that greenwald dominating where we could see those 60s. say goodbye to those microclimates. everybody is in a tight range of numbers 70's in fremont. and even warmer in mounted fuel. mid-70s in antioch. low 70's and hayward. and it looks like in the north bay another beautiful day on tap. s 75 degrees in santa rosa. thumbs taking a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay as we take a look at the workweek it will start to " with some morning fog. by wednesday, showers. this is the potential for morning showers with precipitation. and in the traffic center let me show you this bridge check. the toll plaza there is a vehicle stalled and that, nothing major. traffic moving
the latest is in new hampshire. california has yet to report any illnesses from this outbreak which is linked to sarah chocks for back pain. if there originated at a specialty formallpharmacy in massachusetts. a study says that a shot for a speedy does not make for young women promiscuous. they love that the records whether the girls had sought for control of vicdevices. very few who got the shot at the ages of 11- 12 did not have any of those samples by the time the were 15. >> there is a tropical storm watch for the baja peninsula coastline. right now wins are about 75 m.p.h. that puts it right around the category one stage. about 565 mi. southeast of the peninsula. the national hurricane center expects the storm to began weakening into tomorrow dropping down to tropical storm levels. we are keeping an eye on that. >> we're also keeping an eye on our own weather looks like we are heading for an october heat wave. >> good morning good weather back in the forecast. some of our cooler spot specifically half moon bay climbed the low 80s by thursday. very pleasant conditions as before the bay ar
and blue angels and when we come back. george dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >> welcome back. you can even put this on the edge in what was amazing about this flight is that there was a chase plane following us. from takeoff, to land and we flew together. and i even lost that hatched. >> when we are down below i lost that -- cap. >> what is amazing about michael is that he will fly his routine so low, that you think that he is a boat. today, tomorrow, he will put on an amazing show. >> oh my gosh! the what tim
should be about 23 minutes. >> and california judge has approved a request to suspend the request for the us pipeline explosion. it killed eight people and damaged a lot of homes. yesterday's ruling means that the negotiations against peak and she will be held behind closed doors. they will hold a news conference on october 15th to fight the suspension to keep the hearings opened to the public. >> the state reached a settlement which is self and of life policies. a 2008 audit found that they failed to pay death benefits. even though they did have proof to show that the people had actually died. >> a cleanup effort is underway this morning after an anti afghanistan march turned into a vandalism spree. take a look at the damage and we have plenty of video that shows how much needs to be fixed. on the plaza some of the residents voiced their frustrations and the rioters basically destroyed public property. what sense was this to make for them to do this. you c&ptht and in world news north korea is stating that the u.s. mainland is end range of the missiles. they stated that the war m
to the california science center. it is only 12 mi. away from lax. the shuttle is moving so slowly and carefully that it will take two days to make that distance. the space shuttle have been nine hour layover in a private parking lot. crews will be dealing p . they will have to remove some trees but will plans to for everyone that they cut down. the space shuttle endeavor is the august but has gone to space over two dozen times as to the decade career. >> the oakland a's are out of the race but it continues for these stamford'giants. the niants' season continues games that at&t park sunday and monday if the cardinals win. games at at&t park wednesday thursday and friday if the nets win. at the heartbreaking loss last night in oakland as the a's are eliminated in the pro season from by the detroit tigers. the tigers took the lead early and never looked back. the fans were upset but only had positive things to say. is the first trip to the playoffs since 2006. we'll have reactions from both teams coming up in just a moment. >> we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes and the markets w
. >> despite protests from rising tuition at california public colleges students are graduating with one of the lowest averages and the nation of debt. many people are taking on the student that compared to 66% that or indented, nationwide. this survey found that only utah and hawaii had >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben. ben is the identity thief who used a device called a skimmer to steal her information from her card to open a fraudulent account. every year millions of americans just like you learn that a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft, and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. ordinary credit monitoring
is a chunk of the meteor that lit up the skies in california last week. lisa weber said she heard something strange hit her roof on wednesday night. she did not bother to look for it until she read that the media could be somewhere in her area. after searching her backyard weber found a tiny gray rock on saturday. she says her neighbor's son used a magnet on the rock and a to just stuck together. what a cool fine. >> the time now for 3:00 p.m. on your tuesday morning we are tracking a storm to start off your day. he is a look at your whether in traffic with erica. >> the storm trackers 4 dry for the majority of the bay earea. a lot of this wet weather has pushed his way through to the central valley still dealing with residual showers moderate at time for milpitas, sunnyvale and down in san jose. it could be coming down relatively heavy in some spots. hazardous conditions driving along the 1 01 and the southern tip of the 880 corridor. we will see partial clearing but the potential for some light thunderst as we head into the afternoon. later on this evening will be dry but rain is approach
in california this year. we do not have large numbers of biting mosquitoes out. we have not had mosquitos test positive. >> officials searched the residents' property for infected mosquitoes to find any. they have not let us know if the search has turned up positive. 2012 is the second worst year for wes more than 4500 this week including 183 deaths. the lovthe number buster not represent a new wave of activity. california is the second most affect state in the u.s. with 285 cases and 11 deaths so far this year. bay area air quality match management district officials have come up with a strategy to battle toxic air pollution coming from refineries. officials have set up an 18 month schedule to complete a series of reports and actions and adopting new will to monitor pollution for refiners. that plan is in that test to detect measures over the long term rather than doing a big toxic release like we saw back in august. they will suggest moderate saturday. attended over to our reporter mike felton. >> might have driven by this they have been working on this for a while. >> if you have come throu
have work permits. still ahead at 4: 38 kron 4 news a big mistake and california theme park 1 teenagers in the hospital will explain what happened coming up. >> a 19 year reportedly cut in line at a theme park it to go ahead first. halfway down the ride the teen fell off and was taken to the hospital it was unclear how the teen fell from a 75 ft. slide tower his cause is that reading on is on. to in the house of the nation's busiest highway reopened one hour ahead of schedule early sunday night or should as a late sunday night. is a live look at that in mile stretch of the 4 05 deaths) the weekend. this time around cruise demolished part of a bridge to make room for a nother carpool lane one of the longest in the country. >> 8.45 caliber gun that was once owned by butch cassidy was sold at an auction in southern california for $175,000. the army report fault for but to an anonymous on offline bitter it was accompanied by a leather shoulder holster and two binders. cassidy bought the ball in a hard restore in utah back in 1896. the most prized possession of bonnie and clyde were sold off
if necessary. still ahead, gasoline prices in california. where can we expect to see those prices the highest court and how long will it last? coming up. >> welcome back. this man was shot in the castro district. take a look if you seen him, call police. >> this man was on the railways. that was apparently started throwing items at police. >> this tragic discovery was near this beach. there was a leg that was washed up on shore. a man in brisbane was arrested after 145 lbs. of explosives and marijuana at his residence. police initially responded on a cliff swallow court for domestic service call. and upon investigation they found what was explosives. the 46 year-old is booked in the san mateo county correctional facility until they can get more details. >> pg and he is arguing a more pg&e -- is arguing their role in san bruno. they said that they did not know about the state of the gas line. the rupture in san bruno killed eight people and injured dozens of december, 2010. >> gasoline prices are increasing. according to triple a. the fuel gauge in san francisco you can see it is going up by 1
for the next couple of days. we are tracking some wet weather skirting the top of northern california again this will not be a factor for us. we will see quite the opposite mostly sunny conditions and temperatures above average. futurecast 4 has a story to tell 3:00 p.m. this afternoon orange on your screen on the bay area indicating a ride range of the '80s. it was the '80s in the south bay north bay creeping into the delta and the livermore valley will be pretty warm. upper 60s of seventies along the coast and cooling down into the 8:00 hour is where we will see the '60s. afternoon highs 82 degrees for sunnyvale and santa clara upper seventies. 85 degree reading in concord 79 for castro valley. 78 in union city. mostly sunny conditions may be high clouds in the forecast for north bay the '80s were petaluma. 82 degrees expected for napa. oakland 80 degrees 74 in downtown san francisco and even ocean beach in daly city getting into the mix with mid to upper 60s. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows woman whether have a bust as we head into when san thursday. thursday expected to b
that the toyota prius has out sold every other vehicle that has been sold in california. toyota has sold --it is also the biggest market for an alternative to fuel cars. >> gas prices continued to fall after a huge rise. aaa is reporting that the national average is now $3.67. the price may also drop by 30¢ before thanksgiving day. a big reason is that refineries are making a winter brand. >> it was $4.48. it is down by 3¢ from yesterday. the state averages at $4.39. a wisconsin man shot and killed three people at a salon. he bought a gun after a court ordered him to turn in all of his firearms. it was due to a restraining order that was issued by his wife. she was one of the three people were killed and four others were hurt and three people were killed and four others were hurt and then the gunman t6c mor of our francisco giants fans. this is the story of a comeback kids. >> in watching wall street a lot of companies are down by at least 40 points. >> and welcome back. we did have good numbers from the dow holeyahoo. >> we want to look at the numbers in the weather. the morning daria. >>
. authorities say a surfer has been killed by a shark off the coast of central california. a 39 year old died after being attacked at surf beach near vandenberg air force base. a summer's plan to his aid and pulled him out of the ocean but the victim died ouat the scene. in 2010 a 19 year-old college student died when a shark nearly severed his leg as he body board. >> it is for 51. . president obama and mitt romney are e te the canada game as talking about their vision for america hoping to win the support of undecided voters. in delray beach fla. president obama said there are two clear choices in this election. >> you can choose the policies that got us into this mess or you can choose the policies we are using to get us out of this mess. >> during a stop in henderson nv mitt romney i am going to help small business grow >> today obama kicks off a two day campaign blitz across six battleground states. on day one a rally in davenport i will. call ronald california and a late night rally in nevada. romney campaign is in nevada and i will. the poll shows the canids are neck-and-neck with some
they will not hear the session. if prop. 8 is on that < san same-sex marriage will be legal in california. we will be right back vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> a live look here at a clear golden gate bridge. no fog there on the back. as we look to the north it is 52 degrees right now. we will gain about 40 degrees with the high being 91 this afternoon. we will see if they can top that up in the vial, is one of the hot spots today. >> san francisco they're taking over the convention center spilling into the streets. there's a section of power street that is going to be shut down. it is coined be packed we're expecting 50,000 at
for anyone who kills the egyptian american arrested in california last week for violating his probation. the low-budget film he made has sparked violence across the muslim world. this is the second bounty on his head. a pakistan official offered $100,000. >> from one of the biggest names in social media is in moscow. facebook founder mark zuckerberg meeting with russia's prime minister. russia wants market to expand facebook operations in facebook. he is on a world tour searching for new talent in a series of programming contest. apple i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ finance close that dow >> it is beautiful out here. is amazing san francisco, october 2nd and i am in the sho
for atgngathis being cited for one of the reasons with skyrocketing gas prices throughout the state of california. the weather. >> good morning james you mentioned lightning strikes in our last report for one to bring of supply of trochophore in showing exactly where some of those occurred. the majority of card fall short you can see we have wet weather approaching. we did some action right now it is impacting the peninsula portions of the south bank. mountain view those of you in downtown san jose you may feel a heavy sprinkel has to step outside the door. the good news is a chance for showers decreased as we head into the afternoon. the tentative terms for his a chilly start to the burning now for novatwe are contending with '60s to the heart of the bay we will see some seventies tripled in for livermore valley. those of you in santa rosa. as we pushed the clock and your afternoon high the yellow starts to fill in indicating was the the '70s. we will see a mixture of fun and clouds of center sunnyvale lost cause. 71 percent clara could see some mid-70s. potentially far antioch livermore and dai
are appearing in front of california commission to reach here in hearings over the deadly explosion from 2010. the explosion killed eight people and injured dozens. it also destroyed dozens of homes. discus under way at 9:00 this morning in san francisco. >> firefighters went door- to-door warning people about a serial arsonist targeting their neighborhoods. several suspicious fires have from cannot and down stairs i wrong complexes. so far none of those fires have luckily not spread to buildings but the firefighters are concerned. >> we want to catch this person before they graduate to a larger fire and caused much more damage. >> they size them academy where he allegedly made lewd comments to girls and offered to buy alcohol for two boys. the suspect remains in custody without bail. >> share of deputies has given the all clear after finding a suspicious package on a boss. a bomb squad was called in to investigate, the bus was an active ejaculateevacuate it. >> that meningitis outbreak continues to spread and we will have details for you up next. we're looking at the golden gate bridge which
. california is obviously a big pioneer as far as breaking out technology. but you do not want to do that. >> let's get a check on bay area weather. >> and unfortunately the timing is terrible and as we look at the yellow and on the screen. we are same periods of heavy to moderate showers indicated by the yellow. closer to the nevada and--it depends on where you are located at and we were drive for the most pardrive for the most part. itda 6:00 p.m. a lot of you will be headed out to see the giants face off to the cardinals. there's probably not very much that can the latest game. it looks like free mind will have an afternoon high of 59 degrees. when there is rain in the bay area is usually translates to snow. the end of the storm system we may see about 2 ft. of fresh snow for the higher elevations. i did check with caltran--this wwinter storm warning will continue. with this it will be pretty windy for those of you that are not heard any reports of any problems. if the golden gate bridge drive has been steady this morning. as we try our drive time we will look first at the east shore f
two years and this money will help the schools of california at our universities. >> governor brown continues to push for proposition 30. it has been slipping in the polls to have a slender advantage in the most recent surveys. >> on presidential politics president obama pause in from the campaign trail to cast his early vote in the presidential campaign in his hometown of chicago. we have video in casting his ballot part of the campaign initiative to get people to vote early. the president is joking with the staff you him chuckling. their carefully examining his license. he says there is as great in this picture but i promise it made. is the birth first president to vote early in person. >> you will meet mitt romney on a war when campaign of swing states. this is him in ohio yesterday. the romney campaign will not comment on their exact advertising strategy. richard nixon was the last republican to carry that state in 1962. >> the $2 billion market funding the eye-popping figure puts the election on track to be the most costly race in u.s. history. it comes amid a campaign finance
at the california science center. the new exhibit will show two parts and first you will enter a hall and you will be given a tour. it will give you the story of the exhibition and artifacts. they will show you how exhibition and artifacts. they will show you how endeavor to all this work >> coming up on kron4 as 7:00 a.m. we will tell you how sandy is the are calls for 17 deaths in the u.s.. if this was also have a fax or your travel plans. the world championship giants are home and we will have the scoop on tomorrows a victory parade coming up.
festivities. we are tracking a storm system and it is sitting off the northern california coast. we are experiencing a lot cool air headed into the bay area. later on tonight is when we should expect to see their reign. about 6:00 p.m. allot of the key issue be out going door to door. the best advice is for you to get your halloween activities done early but you should keep an umbrella handy. >> your afternoon highs will be 62 degrees in richmond and 66 in fremont and sunny bail.vail. there are mild conditions and plenty of sunshine as we head into the weekend. >> it is starting to back up into the macarthur made just 35 minutes after the metering lights ran activated. the drive time from the shore freeway is 23 minutes and it is about 30 minutes coming from highway 24. it is really slowing down and there was an accident but it is before the merged so it is not have a big squeeze on the affect. there is likely to be more traffic on the san mateo bridge but the drive time renounces 13 minutes. for the golden gate bridge it will definitely be more heavily than usual. i quickly want to
to be a lot of traffic this weekend. we will be right back purify @Ñ dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >> welcome back we are looking at more jobs added. 162,000 jobs added to the u.s. economy. 80,000 from private and 70,000 from large for companies. this number could be different than the national numbers. and we will be watching. do not forget the unemployment number at 8.2%. president obama is promising the decrease for election. to hopefully reached a low 8 percent. and private-sector jobs adding more jobs. >> still ah
for the games saturday and sunday. okay. we'll have that for you later. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >>> police are investigating two homicides overnight. that marked the 35th and 36th homicide in the city this year. from the scene of the most recent homicide, it occurred this morning. >> reporter: around 12:30 this morning. investigators are still here. i just got done talking to the victim's friend. he said they were just having a birthday barbecue and all of a sudden three or four guys in masks, bandannas shot his fri
-sex marriage. he was instrumental in promoting california's prop 8, something that does not sit well with a number of city leaders. >>> thanks for waking up with us. it looks like everybody is awake and ready for wall street. this is a live shot from the floor of the new york stock exchange. we'll continue to bring the latest developing news including business news as we continue. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> welcome back. checking wall street with live looks from the trading floor, new york stock exchange, electronic trading board of the nasdaq, a slight up tick in number of americans filing for unemployment last
this is one of the decision will have on the november ballot. >> for our students for california's future, yes on 30. >> from 38 will bring a lot of money to our schools. >> proposition 38 will bring more education to our local schools. >> to listen to the as proposition 30 and 38 is to fill your head with conflicting assertions creating confusion. >> but you s f political science professor says there are distinct differences between the two. prop 30 backed by the government and teachers union calls for a sales tax increase for four years and raise the income tax for those year burning $250,000 or more for seven years. the other proposition would raise the income tax for most californians for 12 years. that is one distinct difference. >> the top 1% pays for about 44 percent of the tests and questionnaires will be analyzed hopefully create a clear picture of why some people get sick and others do not. >> and how to prevent future exposures. >> in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >> it will be seasonally want to day. >> good morning james today is the beginning of a many heat wave. it
have confirmed infections including california but no one here has died. >> football coach gerry sandusky is asking judges to throw out his child abuse conviction and is granted a new trial. he was found guilty of abusing 10 voice of a 15 year period. he claims there is not enough evidence to support the convictions and that his lawyers did not have enough time to irepare for trial. 7 c1 >> and were back at 529 atm here's a live look at our bay bridge approach that we're getting the weather and traffic. >> we want to begin with the weather because that is what ishot weather yesterday's across the bay area. it looks like things are shifting. >> good morning james we're waking up to drizzle and fog that is the first thing you notice. temperatures are still warm because a lot of that cloud cover is trapping the he in so we are in the mid-60s and the door hayward. as we take a look at what a headline to mix of sun and cloud scheduled for later this afternoon the tide tomorrow we will continue with cooler weather and temlik he was doing he was trying to sneeze. let me pick it up from
northern california. it happens every october at least 20 m lick up the sky and just one hour. scientists say a 2 in. rock that hit a novato home is actually a chunk of that media that lite up the sky this weekend. the homeowners said she heard and not to fall one roof did not go out to look for it until she had read in the paper that a meteor would be found in her area she went out to look and there was. >> we are taking live look outside from our roots in san francisco on the left and on the right off the approach to the bay bridge. heavy rain over the richmond san rafael bridge highway 101 searching want to proceed with caution. light rainfall across the east bay for concord, walnut creek you are certainly dealing for on and off showers. friend looks like that wet weather is creeping over the san mateo bridge you will want to drive with extra caution. leave yourself a little extra time for those of you getting on the roads. that's take a wider look at satellite and radar against the storm system has pushed in a lot earlier than what the model projected just 24 hours ago. the wet weathe
that solo any man or reciting nursery rhymes. experts said california berkeley are using technology to develop this for digital preservation. >> she has had several records and more of words but the latest is lady gaga.. searchers named a group of ferns after the pop star because it looks like something she would actually wear. stew of them are new to science. this is one species from costa rica. these scientific words are from mexico. lee the leader give them even more reason why these -- are more unique. your kron 4 7 day around the bay warm weather on the way for saturday, sunday and eat least decent conditions and the chance for showers could be returning. we will be right back the giants had their big victory came number one of the world series. and they are planning up again with -- game 1 was last night. all and president obama and mitt romney are going to be hitting the campaign trail they will be focusing on the swing states and the wet start for some of the bay area towns. drizzle. a full look at your forecast and george will keep us updated on the commute. (male announcer
approaching the northern california coastline and as we head into later on tonight this is one was see the wet weather. >> as would push the clock in to about 9:00 p.m. tonight this indicates where the rain will be for parts of san francisco. there will be heavier rain for--we could actually be dry down in the south bay but my advice is for you to get your halloween festivities done earlier just in case. we will still continue to say showers overnight and kron 47 day around the bay forecast is that by friday it will be mostly sunny conditions. >> we are continuing to monitor this accident on the nine commute eastbound direction. the overturned was blocking the two right lanes and we understand it may have been cleared and it is no longer obstructing traffic. it is possible that now this this is out of the way it may not back up things to bed. the chp did state that they do not know how long it will clear. a quick look at the bridges and you can see the ride on the bay bridge still looks great and this has not picked up yet. san mateo bridge ride looks 11 minutes with no problems. the golden ga
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